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The Importance Of Speedy Water Damage Restoration

The Importance Of Speedy Water Damage Restoration

 posted on Feb 7, 2015 by linux in Water Damage

When it comes to purchases in your lifetime, your home is going to be one of the largest you will ever make. In the unfortunate event that your home becomes damaged either by water or fire, you will more than likely feel overwhelmed by what you are facing. Even though the two forms of damage are quite similar, there is usually even more to deal with when it comes to fire over just water damage. With fire damage, you usually have the water damage that comes along with it from the process of putting out the fire. With these overlaps, you have to have special tools along with different procedures to help you get everything cleaned up.

With water damage, you usually have three different sources that call for cleaning services from a professional water damage restoration company. Category 1 is when you have clean water that may come from burst water lines. Category 2 is when there is a source that may be contaminated. Category 3 is when you have black water that might have sewage in it, such as in a back up scenario.

You can also classify your water damage into three categories, with the first being minor damage that is small in size, with little or no structural involvement. The second will be a larger fire that usually has some structural damage to a small portion of the home. The final category will be a significant amount of damage to the structure of the home and will usually call for professional repairs.

Whatever type of damage you are dealing with in your home, you will see that the issue can go a lot further than the surface. Whenever there are damp surfaces, you are running the risk of mildew and mold growing, especially behind walls and other small areas where it may not be seen. It goes without saying that this can be dangerous to your health, especially if you or someone in your home has any sort of history of respiratory issues. Mold or mildew that goes untreated can also destroy the value of your home if it becomes uninhabitable.

Once damage from fire, water or both takes place in your home, you are going to see that timing is crucial and you need to get the clean up started right away. There are some people who will try to get the damage restoration process started on their own, not realizing the true value of calling the professionals as they have all of the important equipment, tools and skills to get the job done quickly and efficiently. After you call a professional team to help out at your home, you will find that it will be easier to get all of the water damage, fire damage or both cleaned up in a timely manner.

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